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Many commercial and residential properties in Long Island, NY, are older buildings. Unfortunately, outdated main electrical panels are common throughout Elmont. For this reason, many property owners are not in compliance with the county’s current electrical codes.

Failing to upgrade or replace outdated main electrical panels can be problematic. It not only affects performance, but it can pose a threat as well.

At Bianco Electric, we specialize in providing superior electrical services to residents throughout the area. Our Elmont electricians are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. We have the tools and know-how to diagnose, repair, and replace faulty electrical systems.

What Is a Main Electrical Panel?

The main electrical panel is the heart of your property’s electrical system. Also known as a breaker box, it acts as a loading center, distributing power to circuits throughout the building. It receives electricity from a power meter and a local power company and transfers the energy to various outlets, switches, and appliances.

Inside the breaker box are rows of switches. Each of them controls the power flow into various parts of the property, like the kitchen or a bathroom.

The electrical panel contains a part called the main power breaker. It turns off power to the entire building.

Reasons to Replace or Upgrade Electrical Panel

Old main electrical panels have a tough time keeping up with modern appliances and electrical devices. They require more power and can overwork the panel.

If the board fails, it could lead to severe problems, such as:

  • No electricity to power lights, HVAC systems, refrigerators, and other necessities
  • Electrical fires from overloaded circuits
  • Increased risk of shock from a lack of safety features on older systems
  • Damaged electrical components or corrosion


Keeping you and your property safe from electrical hazards is a priority for Bianco Electric. Our certified electricians can replace or upgrade dangerous breaker boxes and bring your building up to code.

We are confident in our abilities, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for three years.

Signs It’s Time to Replace or Upgrade Your Main Electrical Panel in your Elmont Home

It can be tricky to know if your main electrical panel cannot handle modern electrical devices and appliances like gaming systems and energy-efficient air conditioners. We train our team to identify signs of problems within the electrical system that property owners may not notice.

However, there are some noticeable warning signs that it’s time to upgrade or replace your main electrical panel, including:

  • The main electrical panel is over 25 years old.
  • The breaker box has signs of rust and corrosion
  • The property operates on a 60-amp electrical system
  • Your home or business has a fuse box instead of a main breaker
  • You hear crackling or popping sounds from the panel


When it’s time to improve your main electrical panel, turn to the Bianco Electrical team. Serving Elmont & Nassau County, NY, since 1986, we will bring your system up to code and ensure that your home or business has consistent power. Contact our team today at 516-650-7976 and schedule your free estimate.

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