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Expert Circuit Breaker Repair and Replacement in Nassau County, NY

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Circuit breakers are an essential part of any home electrical system. They do a vitally important job as they prevent electrical overload which can cause electrical fires and damage to your property.

In time, these systems degrade and need to be maintained to maintain performance. When you need reliable circuit breaker repair, trust the expert electricians at Bianco Electric in Nassau County, NY. We will do the job right and ensure your home stays in peak shape.

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How Do Circuit Breakers Work?

Circuit breakers are located inside the main electrical panel. Also called the fuse box, this device is usually tucked away in a utility room or garage. Though it is often overlooked, maintaining the fuse box and the circuit breakers is extremely important.

Circuit breakers are switches that regulate the flow of electricity through your Nassau County home. Circuit breakers send power to the outlets, lights, and all equipment powered by electricity.

The circuit breaker also controls how much electricity flows through the home. This management is to prevent damage to your appliances and devices. These boxes also protect you and your family by preventing electrical surges, short circuits, and overloads that can lead to fires and other dangerous situations.

When the excessive flow of electricity, or a power surge, is detected on the line, the circuit breaker “trips,” shutting off power to the line. When these breakers are tripped frequently, it is a sign that you need circuit breaker repair to prevent more dangerous situations from occurring.

Common Circuit Breaker Issues

Older homes may have issues with their circuit breakers, especially if the fuse box and electrical system is more than 25 years old.

In addition to breakers tripping frequently, you may see other problems develop, including:

  • Interruption in your electrical service
  • Overheating of the fuse box
  • Signs of corrosion or rust on the box or the breakers
  • Arcing or sparks
  • Humming noises

Do You Need Circuit Breaker Repair in Nassau County?

There are quite a few common reasons to develop circuit breaker issues. Since most of these are related to wear and tear needing circuit breaker repair, replacement, or maintenance, our Nassau County electricians will first look at the age of the system. Circuit breakers and fuse boxes are designed to last for many years, but equipment and wiring problems will eventually occur.

During the visit, our electricians will look for issues such as:

  • Too much demand is placed on the electrical system
  • The equipment or wiring was not installed properly
  • Signs of any physical damage to the system, such as broken wires or water leakage


No matter the issue, our local team can evaluate your home’s electrical system and diagnose your issues with ease.

Bianco Electric provides circuit breaker repair, replacement, and maintenance throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. We offer comprehensive services for all aspects of your electrical system. Contact us at (516) 650-7976 to get your free quote.