Electrical Inspections

Bianco Electric provides electrical inspections all over Long Island. We are authorized to work in most towns, villages and districts in Nassau County. In the event you are offering a home, moving into a home, or need to ensure your electrical board is in compliance with laws, it would be a smart idea to have an electrical panel assessment. We also can determine if you need a circuit board upgrade from 100, 150 and 200 amps.

Nassau County Electrical Inspections

Our circuit analyzers will be able to identify any potential issues and ensure everything is up to code. Bianco Electric can rectify any Electrical Violation, convey all electrical to code and help give an electrical endorsement to your certificate of occupancy (CO). After examination we will list any issues we find, prescribe courses of action and can convey a gauge to settle any issues after the electrical examination. Plan your arrangement for a free estimate today.

For Diagnosis & Repairs of Home Electric

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