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Nassau County Lighting Retrofits

Lighting Retrofit is a method of supplanting your home’s lighting structures with parts that make your home safer and more attractive. Normally, energy savings are noteworthy enough to not only pay for the new equipment but provide a return on investment. Lighting retrofits enhance the quality of light, as well as reduce central air heating and cooling cost.

At Bianco Electric, we can retrofit your Nassau County home’s lighting equipment to help better advance vitality investment funds. The goal of monitoring vitality is accomplished by lessening vitality needs and by using the vitality all the more productively. Call our Nassau County lighting retrofits and outdoor home lighting team today to schedule an appointment for a free quote! Call (516) 650-7976

Lighting Retrofits: Pros And Cons

Deciding to retrofit your lighting system is a choice that involves a lot of considerations. While cost may be foremost in your mind, safety, quality, and value for money are also important.

Here are a few of the questions we get asked most frequently about lighting retrofits, along with our answers.

What Is A Lighting Retrofit?

A lighting retrofit is a 1 -or-1 replacement that generally uses existing wiring and fixtures. Typically, a retrofit replaces the bulb with a more efficient light and driver. These days that means updating lights with LEDs.

What Is The Goal Of A Lighting Retrofit?

Lighting retrofits can be incredibly valuable even if your current system is still chugging along. 

Think about your car. The time to get a new car is well before the car is completely undrivable. Instead, you start looking at new cars when you notice a clear drop-off in performance or when you want to take advantage of more efficient models.

You may not realize how much your old system is costing you, and you shouldn’t wait for it to burn out! First and foremost, a lighting retrofit with LEDs produces more light with less energy. This increase in efficiency improves the lighting quality in a space while reducing your electricity bills.

What Are The Other Benefits?

LED lighting retrofits increase brightness in a space, which can benefit both employees and customers. Better light quality can increase the productivity and safety of your workers and do wonders to freshen up a space for customers.

Improved lighting can also increase your building’s value and reduce maintenance costs. LED bulbs can last for years longer than the bulbs you have now. If you install timers or motion sensors on your lights, they can last longer still.

A lighting upgrade can also be a marketing opportunity. It’s a great way to show that your company is “going green.”

How Much Does A Retrofit Cost?

The major downside of a retrofit is the price tag. But before you let the price put you off, it’s worth remembering that a retrofit will bring down your electric bills. Not only that, but tax credits and rebates can also bring down the initial cost.

It pays to go with an electrical contractor who’s knowledgeable about government programs and knows how to navigate rebate programs. A good contractor will be able to maximize your front-end savings.

What Else Should I Expect From My Contractor?

Your contractor should be able to present you with a complete proposal outlining their recommendations, material and labor costs, rebates to be used, and your ROI. They should be able to answer any questions you have, either about their recommendations or the process of retrofitting. 

Your contractor should also be able to dispose of removed fixtures safely – many contain dangerous chemicals.

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