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Rotting conduit throughout the years can make many electrical components in your home to disintegrate. Here at Bianco Electric we specialist in Service Upgrades, Meter Upgrades, Circuit Board Upgrades and Breaker Upgrades. Additionally, we upgrade sub panels from 100amps to 150amps and 200amps.

Electronic appliances and devices are becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, some electrical boards may need to be upgraded. Because of all the cutting-edge gadgets we currently have in our homes, we find that more “seasoned” homes won’t have adequate power accessible to deal with the expanded draw of energy. Drawing more energy from a circuit that hasn’t been upgraded can trip the breakers that are fed on the same electrical line which can cause an issue. This can be very hazardous and can cause various problems with your breaker box. Updating your electric board and circuit breakers can avoid or resolve your electrical stumbling issues and any future issues.

You can update your electric panel for both practical and money-related reasons. Present-day homes need more power than decades-old homes and businesses. As innovation develops, energy demands will continue to go up. People looking for a home may see old panels as an indication of an out of date electrical framework, making electrical panel upgrades a wise investment before selling your home.

Bianco Electric’s Nassau County electrical panel upgrade and repair group will perform top-quality fixes, alterations, revamping, and upkeep on all circuit breakers, breaker box, and electrical boards. Overhaul upgrades to 100amp, 150amp, and 200amp are available for your home.

The experts at Bianco Electric will pull the appropriate permits and work with your local power supplier. An expert will be knowledgeable with current code and safety requirements. This will guarantee your family is protected from risk, as well as prevent expensive repairs down the road.

Bianco Electric’s team of Nassau County electrical panel upgrade, repair, and maintenance electricians will give you an estimate on the exact needs to get your panel upgraded. Depending on your energy usage, the age of your panel, and local codes and standards, you may or may not require a totally new panel installed. Our electricians will be upfront about the cost of all jobs and won’t surprise you with hidden fees or concerns. Arrange your appointment today for a free quote!

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