We are well experienced in the world of LEDs. There are plenty of environmentally friendly and cost effective materials that allow people to increase lighting at the same time decreasing cost. Bianco Electrical electrical contractors in Nassau County can help to make changes to your current system that will pay you back in comfort and money savings for years to come. We’re familiar with all kinds of house alarms from a simple front door system to the most complicated system that covers every area of your home.

As the central hub that supplies and regulates the flow of electricity within your home or business, we asses and offer suggestions if needed that balance your Nassau County electrical system better in order to mitigate or prevent power outages. Some electronic gadgets can all of a sudden shut down and lose information which can cause startup issues. This circumstance may require a devoted line or may just be poorly wired, which could introduce a hazardous condition. Our clients are our family and we’d like them to be protected.

Regardless of whether your home is older and met the standards that require a complete overhaul, or you intend to build a brand new home, incorporating us into those plans will make life much easier and give you a clear idea of the cost. One of our team members who specializes in new homes will design your electrical system for your current Nassau County home needs and ensure that you will have sufficient room to increase power with additional appliances and or lighting.

Staying up to date with todays energy demands can save you money and keep you safe. Older homes might be lacking as far as overall power outlets and being able to keep up with increasing energy demands. Meter Pan upgrades will expand the electrical limit of your system. Additionally, old boards frequently lack the capacity to add circuits and doing so may be dangerous.

Rotting conduit throughout the years can make many electrical components in your home to disintegrate. Here at Bianco Electrical we specialist in Service Upgrades, Meter Upgrades, Circuit Board Upgrades and Breaker Upgrades. Additionally, we upgrade sub panels from 100amps to 150amps and 200amps. Our electrical contractors in Nassau County handle electrical service repairs and installation.

Tracing wires through the wall of your home can be a somewhat difficult assignment to accomplish, because of this, diagnosing and repairs can be a challenge as well. We also often encounter the occasional homeowner that attempt to do their own electrical work and runs into challenges. This is what we’re experts in, we will get everything sorted.

Lighting for Security, Safety, and aesthetics for your Home or Business. When you choose to add exterior lighting to your property the job should be appropriately assessed and arranged. You may want accent lights for your pool or for your garden. You may even want security lighting by the garage or surrounding the entire perimeter of your property.

Bianco Electrical provides electrical inspections all over Long Island. We are authorized to work in most towns, villages and districts in Nassau County. In the event you are offering a home, moving into a home, or need to ensure your electrical board is in compliance with laws, it would be a smart idea to have an electrical panel assessment. We also can determine if you need a circuit board upgrade from 100, 150 and 200 amps.

The main electrical board is the central hub of your home’s electrical system, the distribution point for all the electrical circuits in your home. On Long Island, many of the main electric panels are out dated and fail to meet the code compliance. If your main board fails, the loss of light, heat or AC, power to the refrigerator can cause distress in the home. A power loss will also disable alarms (security, smoke, for example) and put your family in danger. Let out expert electrical contractors in Nassau County tackle your main electrical repairs, services and installation.

Our Step By Step Process

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