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Leading Electrical Service Upgrades & Meter Replacement in Nassau County, NY

Stay ahead of the curve with our top-tier electrical service upgrades. Older homes in Nassau County often face outdated power outlets and supply systems. With Bianco Electric by your side, you can ensure your home meets modern energy demands efficiently and safely.

Nassau County's Premier Electrical Upgrade Experts

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency for Homes and Businesses

Understanding the importance of a modern electrical system is crucial. Older panels not only limit your ability to add more circuits but can also pose significant risks.

Furthermore, when you’re selling your property, many insurance companies need it to have modern panels. Bianco Electric makes sure your home meets all the required standards and is ready for today’s energy needs.

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Recognizing the Need for an Electrical Service Upgrade

Key Indicators to Watch Out For

Our team is always ready to check things, but sometimes, homeowners can see signs that show it’s time to make things better:

Insurance Requirements

Some insurance companies might not give insurance for homes with older panels like fused panels, 60 amp panels, or ones with a round meter socket.

Limited Circuit

Older panels often lack the space to add more circuits, limiting your home's electrical capabilities.

Outdated Meter

If your home still has a round meter socket or any set-up less than a 100 amp board, it's a clear sign you need an upgrade.


Older panels can pose significant risks, from electrical fires to system failures. If you're experiencing frequent electrical issues, it's time to consider an upgrade.

What Does an Electrical Service Upgrade in Nassau County Entail?

Modernizing Your Electrical Infrastructure

When we do a regular upgrade at Bianco Electric, we take out the old stuff like the circuit board and put in a new switch that works better. We make sure the old wires connect smoothly to the new switch. We also change the old meter socket and weather head to new stuff that’s really good. If you want to add some special circuits, now’s a great time, and we’ll help you with everything you need.

Why Choose Bianco Electric for Your Service Upgrade Needs

We Are

Our team of electricians is fully licensed and trained to handle all aspects of electrical service upgrades in Nassau County.

We Are

We take our time with every upgrade, making sure to pay very close attention to all the little details. This helps keep your system working well and safe for a long time.

We Are

We understand the importance of timely service, especially regarding electrical upgrades.

We Are

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of every property we service.

We Get Things

From minor adjustments to major upgrades, we handle every task with precision and expertise.

We Are Locally

We're here to help the Nassau County community, and we know what makes it special. We understand the unique needs and challenges of this area.

Upgrade with Nassau County's Best

Don’t compromise on safety or efficiency. Choose Bianco Electric for all your electrical service upgrade needs in Nassau County. You’re in safe hands with our unmatched expertise and commitment to excellence. Call us now to schedule your service and let our skilled team elevate your electrical system.

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Our team prioritizes efficiency without compromising on quality. We’ll schedule your upgrade at your earliest convenience and ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Absolutely! Our Nassau County electricians are fully licensed and bring experience to every job.

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