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At Bianco Electric, our team works hard to make sure your place has safe and good electricity. We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years in Nassau County, so we know a lot about the special problems, especially in old buildings with old electrical systems.

Whether you need an electrical panel upgrade, circuit breaker repair, or a full system diagnosis, our licensed electricians approach each task professionally, ensuring your satisfaction at every step.


Comprehensive Electrical Services in Nassau County

Expert Electrical Solutions You Can Rely On!

We’ve fixed lots of electrical problems in Nassau County, so we’re really good at it. We care a lot about making you happy with the work we do. You can count on us to make sure everything goes well.

You can relax because our skilled electricians in Nassau County will fix your electrical problems and make sure everything works smoothly in your place.

Our range of services includes:

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Keep your property up to code and ensure efficient power distribution.

Circuit Breaker Repair

Address issues promptly to prevent further complications.

Electrical Diagnosis & Repairs

Our team can identify and fix various electrical problems.

Electrical Inspection Services

Ensure your system is safe and up to current standards.

Lighting Retrofits Service

Upgrade your lighting for better efficiency and aesthetics.

Security Lighting Installation

Enhance the safety of your property with dedicated security lighting.

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Specialist Nassau County Electricians Locals Trust

Trusted Nassau County Electricians for Homes and Businesses

Discover the specialist master electricians in Nassau County that locals rely on for all their electrical needs. Our team of qualified electricians brings over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry.

Whether your place is an old building in Nassau County or a new office, we know how important it is to have electricity that’s both safe and works well.

Electrical complications can be more than just an inconvenience; they can be hazardous.

Choosing Bianco Electric means you’re picking a team that really cares about keeping your place safe and making sure it has good electricity. We’re good at finding problems and doing hard electrical jobs. We make sure everything gets done just right, and we do it quickly.

Main Electrical Panel Services in Nassau County

Reliable Nassau County Electricians Offering Comprehensive Solutions


Are you aware of the risks associated with outdated electrical panels? Many older homes and properties in Nassau County still operate on systems that aren’t up to current codes. Not only can this affect the efficiency of your electrical devices, but also pose significant safety risks.

At Bianco Electric, we offer electrical inspections for Nassau County residents and businesses. Our team will assess your electrical system and recommend any necessary upgrades or replacements. With our transparent pricing and no hidden fees policy, you’ll know exactly what you’re investing in.

Don’t let an outdated electrical system risk your property or safety. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and discover why we’re the trusted local electricians in Nassau County!

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Need an Electrical Upgrade? Call Bianco Electric Now!

Prompt Electrical Services in Nassau County, Available for Emergencies!

Don’t worry if your electrical panel is old or not working right. Just call Bianco Electric, and we’ll come right away to help you! Problems with electricity can be small troubles or big safety issues, but don’t be scared. We’re here to fix it.

Our team of Nassau County electricians is here to provide a quick and effective solution to your electrical concerns. We can help with any electrical emergency, whether it’s at your home or business. We have lots of ways to fix electrical problems.

When you have problems with electricity, it’s really important to get help quickly. Our expert electricians know how to find and fix problems, so your place stays safe and works well.

So, don’t hesitate to call now if you suspect an issue with your electrical panel or any other component. Let our team of reliable Nassau County electricians ensure the safety and efficiency of your property.

Why Choose Bianco Electric Nassau County Services?

We Are

Our fully licensed electricians have served Nassau County for over three decades.

We Are

Every Bianco Electrician will handle your electrical job neatly and professionally.

We Are

We understand the urgency of electrical issues and ensure prompt and effective service.

We Are

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of every property we service.

We Get
Things Done

From minor repairs to central installations, we handle every task precisely.

We Are
Locally Driven

Our service is focused on serving the Nassau County community and understanding its unique needs and challenges.

Hire The Best Electricians In Nassau County

Don’t compromise on safety or efficiency. Hire the best electricians in Nassau County today and experience the Bianco Electric difference!

Call us now to schedule your service and let our skilled team handle all your electrical needs.

You’re in safe hands with our unmatched expertise and commitment to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the urgency of electrical issues and strive to respond to emergency calls in Nassau County as promptly as possible. Our team is available for emergencies, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Absolutely! Our Nassau County electricians are fully licensed and bring over 30 years of experience to every job.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, from electrical panel upgrades and circuit breaker repairs to lighting installations and security system setups.

Yes! We’re confident in our services and offer a 3-year 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

Scheduling service with us is easy! Call us at 516-650-7976 or reach out through our website.

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